Hope for More 2016

Celebration of Hope Festival


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Thank you, for considering partnering with us.

Hope 4 More 2015 “Celebration of Hope Festival” is a family outreach festival with the purpose of instilling a message of the hope to this generation.

With the staggering statistics of hopelessness here, and around the world, we want to reach out and make a difference. When we join for a purpose that initiates a sense of truth, goodness, unity, and family values with our community, we can and will make this world a better place to live in. Together, we can keep Hope alive!

Sponsor a Leaf into the foundation of “Our Tree of Life”.

This tree will be on display at our event. This program allows any contribution to be permanently recognized with an engraved leaf mounted into one of the branches. Leaves are purchased to commemorate building toward a strong family foundation, and helping creating a spirit of in unity, in our communities.

The Buy-A-Leaf is a moving tribute to those who have supported this mission over the past 4 years.


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